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Studio Stefan

1955? Five different Italian postcards with verse text and colored picture on one side and room for a message and address on the other. 3 3/8" x 5 3/8". Though the card stock is cheap, the color work is very nice. It seems to involve about four colors per card. The visual works are signed by "stefanini" (?). Studio Stefan. A cura dell'Associazione Cardinal Ferrari. 10,000 Lire each at the Porta Portese flea market, August, '98. One extra of "La Cornacchia Superba." Click on any image to see it full-size.

"La Cornacchia Superba" contrasts the crow's black feathers with the green and yellow peacock feathers stuck into his tail. A nice visual composition.

"Il Lupo e l'Agnello" puts us at the wolf's back looking out on the small lamb on green-and-yellow grass.

"Il Lupo e il Cane" shows the wolf running away from the dog chained to his doghouse.

"I Muli e i Ladroni" shows a mule down on the ground with his saddle off while another with a green-and-yellow load (hay?) looks back at him.

"La Volpe e il Corvo" shows the crow singing with beak wide open. The fox extends herself upward to catch the cheese that is in mid-air.