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TH Croissant Fontane

1910?  Complete five-card set of "Le Lievre et la Tortue."  Paris: Croissant 3096.  Ch. Fontane, Editeur-Imp. $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Callone Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

This set of five photographic postcards, like some – but not all -- others in the "Croissant" family, has some unusual features.  One is the inserted painted portion of each card giving a phase of the La Fontaine fable.  Another is that the first of these gives an explicit title and identifies it as a fable of La Fontaine.  The coloring is very well done!  The female actress here has a gift for gesture!  The key in this telling of the story is Card III.  At first it seems that this young man fell from his bike.  But perhaps we are meant to see him resting.  Card IV telescopes a good deal of action into one scene. The coloration of these photographs is, I believe, particularly good.

TH #1

TH #2

TH #3

TH #4

TH #5