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TMCM SE 3127

1915?  Four card colored-photographic postcard series of TMCM featuring children.  "3127."  "SE" or "ES" symbol at the lower right on each card.  Each card features drawings of the fable in the upper portion, a text "bubble," the fable's title, and a large lower portion of the photographic presentation.  Printed in France.  $6 each from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

My, there was lively competition in the early twentieth century in Paris in producing colored photographic postcard series of fables!  The piling on of specifications in that last sentence surprises even me!  This set is closest to Chloro-Platine WL and shares the same symbol, "SE," in the lower right corner.  As that set has the number 3142 on each card, so this set has 3127.  That is a five-card set, apparently complete, and I believe that this four-card set is missing a third card in the middle, especially because those four verses are the only ones left out of the fable on the cards we have.  Here, as there, we have lovely coloring distinguishing the two "mice" as they are played by children.  How was that coloring done at the printer's?  Especially fetching in this presentation, I believe, is the scene of the two mice devouring the city banquet!  Now to find that fifth card!  All four were sent in 1918 to the same "Cher Cousin Alfred Pepin" (?) in "Secteur 125."