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Tolstoy by Nikolai Romadin

1982  Fourteen (of sixteen?) numbered postcards by Nikolai Romadin of fables and stories by Leo Tolstoy.  4⅛" x 5⅞".  Moscow: Sovetsky Khudozhnik.  Seven of them for C$14.99 and five for C$22.50 from Lovelystamps, IL, Israel, on Ebay, Sept., '21.  Card #6 for AU$15.98 from postcardsworld through Ebay, Sept., '21.  Card #3 for C$4.99 from block36 through Ebay, Sept., '21.

Many of these illustrations present Tolstoy’s renditions of standard Aesopic fables.  Others may be "adaptations."  For example, "The Shipwreck" (#2), seems an adaptation of Aesop’s "Hercules and the Wagon Driver."  Still others are stories I have not yet been able to pin down, like "Sea, Rivers, and Streams" (#3); "The Monkey and Other Animals" (#4); "Fisherman" (#9), and ""Ram, Cat, and Boy" (#14).

1. Horse and Master

2. Shipwrecked

3. Sea, Rivers, and Streams


4. Monkey and Other Animals

5. BW

6. Rooster, Dog, and Fox

7. WC

8. FG

9. Fisherman

10. Wolf and Dog on Roof

11. Stag at a Pool

12. FC

14. Ram, Cat, and Boy

16. Miser and Buried Treasure