I have found three cards signed by an artist whose mark is "WAL."

1930? Colored postcard presenting GA. Artist's mark is "Wal." "Vous chantiez! J'en suis fort aise./Eh bien! dansez maintenant." €10 from Jacky Mabilat, Boutigny sur Essonne, at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

I have a strong sense that I have seen Wal's work before. Here the ant seems to live in a hollowed tree. The scene is dominated by snow. Simple verso with no writing but one stain.

1930? Colored postcard presenting "Le Singe et le Chat." Artist's mark is "Wal." "Raton, avec sa patte tire un marron, puis deux,. Et cependant Bertrand les croque." €4 from Brie Comte Robert at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

Unfortunately the post office smeared a fair amount of ink on both sides of this card. Can that "53" I see be an indication of 1953 as the date of sending of this card? The physiognomy of both animals in this picture is a bit strange. But the pain and the peril of the cat are clear.

1930?    Colored postcard signed by WAL picturing FS at the last phase of the encounter.  €9 from Bartko-Reher, Berlin, April, '21.  One extra copy from the same vendor for  €3, April, '23.

The expression of the angry fox, together with the apparent nonchalance of the stork, makes this an excellent presentation of the fable.  I am eager to find more of WAL's work!