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Single Prize Cards

1950? 1 card featuring FC by Jean Adrien Mercier on the front and Bon Point" on the verso,and lines on which to name the school and class of the recipient of this prize.  "Lion Noir."  $3.55 from Jeannick Brisson, Baignes Sainte Radgonde, France, through Ebay, June, '20.

I recognize Mercier's style immediately from the lovey menus he did for transatlantic ships.  I am surprised that there is not a space for listing the pupil's name!


1930? 1 small (about 2" x 2¾") colored "Bon Point" card illustrating La Fontaine's FC.  #10.  Phosphatine Falières.  L. Bellenand et Fils. 

Here is an example of simple colored printing that is not exact.  I presume that "Bon Point" indicates a prize card.  The verso includes the moral "Tout flatteur vita us dépens de celui qui l'écoute."