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China 2004

2004 4 China Telecom Telephone Cards featuring the Tortoise and the Hare.  2004-47-(4-1)SX, 2004-47-(4-2)SX, 2004-47-(4-3)SX, and 2004-47-(4-4)SX.  £1.49 from Angela Linder, Hants, UK, through eBay, Sept., '06. 

Credit card size, these four plastic cards picture a moment before the start of the TH race, the start, the sleeping rabbit, and the tortoise's victory celebration.  The first two cards seem to be worth 30 yen and the last two 50 yuan.  The ID numbers have been scratched open; the cards have presumably been used!  I thought I had exhausted the categories of uses of fables!  No way!