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Alden Fruit Vinegar

1890? Four cards displaying The Alden Fruit Vinegar in scenes at least sometimes reminiscent of fables. Each colored picture has the notation "Bufford, Boston & New York" in the lower left corner. All four advertise The Alden Fruit Vinegar at further length on the back; three further advertise John Dykstra Dry Goods, Pella, Iowa, while the fourth advertises Beecher & Peek Groceries, Allegan, Michigan. $2 or $3 each either in Sacramento, Dec., '96, or Foster City, Feb., '97.

The lion-scene here comes straight from the fable tradition of the lion's share.

Bear: "Which Shall I Take First? Honey or Vinegar?"

Hippo: "The Best Drink Yet."

Lion: "Too Good to Divide"

Tiger: A Black native runs from the vinegar barrel--and the tiger!--with a filled pail in his hand: "Life Nothing Without The Alden Vinegar."