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Erdal Kwak Reineke Fuchs

1940?  Six card set of Erdal Kwak landscape cards illustrating scenes from Reineke Fuchs.  "Serie 55.  Deutsche Märchen: Reineke Fuchs."  $5.99 from sarmagetia through Ebay, Oct.' 22  Extra set of all but the first card from an unknown source, July, '19.  

Each card's verso contains a paragraph of the story in prose.  In this version, He starts by eating chickens.  Next we see Isengrim the wolf profiting from Renard's dropping fish from the angler's cart.  The third scene is Renard's trick against Braun the bear, sent to bring him to court.  In the fourth scene, Braun and Isengrim are ready to execute Renard but he talks his way out of it by recounting treasure.  King Lion forgives him.  The rabbit Lampe was to accompany Renard as he starts on his pilgrimage to Rome, but Renard ruthlessly kills him in his home Malepart.  In the last scene, Renard conquers Isengrim before the whole court.