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Johnson Sewing Machines

1885? One monochrome card advertising Johnson, Clark & Co. sewing machines with FWT. Two scenes, blank back, text underneath. Three copies, between $7.50 and $12.50, the last from Jeff Carr, Oakland, Spring, '97.

Each of the three cards is done in a different color. The red-ink copy adds "Leavitt & Brant" in Boston. The text (including a dangling participle) confirms the unusual approach to the story: "There was once a Fox who lost his tail in a trap. Meeting his companions they mocked at him, so he bought a Light-Running 'New Home' Machine, which sewed it on so tight that it never came off again." The second scene seems to have the tail already firmly in place while the bespectacled fox now works on a different task at the machine! The other copies are brown and blue. While these cards are not actually a series, they are too much fun together to miss!