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Les Fables de Nestlé

1935? 6 duochrome French cards about 4¾" x 7½" presenting La Fontaine fables and advertising "Les Fables de Nestlé."  €25 at St. Ouen, August, '13. 

Under the series title of each card front is a simple duochrome picture illustrating the fable.  Beneath that and completing the space within a framed rectangle is La Fontaine's text.  Each verso occurs twice among these six cards: an advertisement for album-vignettes, ideas on how to use Nestlé products, and advertisement of further Nestlé products.  Fables presented include GA; "The Rat and the Elephant"; "The Cat and the "; FS; TMCM; and FC.  The paper is cheaper than most card stock. I cannot find an author for "The Cat and the Green Woodpeckers," which seems to close with a humorous quotation from La Fontaine.  Is a fox here saying of some young woodpeckers that they are "too green"?


Fox and Woodpeckers

Rat and Elephant




Sample verso