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1886 Fables de La Fontaine

1886 Fables de La Fontaine.  Veritable Extrait de Viande Liebig.  Six cards, each with an animal scene from a fable of La Fontaine attached with a stick-pin to a human scene of children.  Publishers:  Liebig Company, Paris.  From Stefan Engelhardt, Friedland, Germany.

Do not confuse this highly valuable set -- Murray sells it for £500 -- with the less rare follow-up in a similar format in 1900.  An earmark for this set is the scroll across the lower right giving the title of the fable.  The face of each card also includes " Veritable Extrait de Viande Liebig " at the upper left, the two pictures, one set into the other, simple symbols along the left side over a can or jar of Liebig meat extract.  The back of each card, amid lots of information about Liebig, features an illustration of a human character and either a recipe or an explanation of how useful Liebig meat extract is.  The six scenes presented here are FC, GA, OR, DW, OF, and "The Oyster and the Litigants."