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1889 MM

1889 Perrette et le Pot au Lait. Compagnie Liebig. Six numbered Frenchcards, each with a section of La Fontaine's text under the illustration. Sanguinetti #242.  Publishers: Liebig's Company, London. £25 at Murray Cards International, Cecil Court, London, May, '97. Extra set from Albert van den Bosch.

I found this set in a bargain box, reduced from the usual price of £55. Here the name "Liebig" is worked into the scene cleverly in each of the pictures. The title is also stamped somewhere near the bottom of each illustration. I have a cropped, smudged duplicate of #3, which, by the way, shows Perrette at her dreamiest while she feeds her chickens. The backs of the cards are in two different formats, containing either recipes or a set of reasons for using or tips on how to use Liebig's meat extract. See an example of each below on the two versions of Card #3.

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