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Liebig 1900 Fables de La Fontaine

1900 Fables de La Fontaine. Veritable Extrait de Viande Liebig. Six cards, each with an animal scene from a fable of La Fontaine attached with a stick-pin to a human scene of children. Publishers: Liebig Company, Paris. £27.50 from Murray Cards International, Cecil Court, London, April, '06. Extra set in excellent condition for $37.20 from James Longworth, Apopka, FL, through bidstart, August, '11.

This set is, with changed language, exactly like the Italian version I had found earlier. The face of each card includes " Veritable Extrait de Viande Liebig " across its top, the two pictures, one set into the other, a cameo of a key character in the lower right, heads of other fable characters along the left side over a can or jar of Liebig meat extract, and "Fable de La Fontaine" across the center above the title of the particular fable pictured. The back of each card, amid lots of information about Liebig, features an illustration of a courtly character and either a recipe or an explanation of how useful Liebig meat extract is. I have now answered my question asking whether this set appeared in other languages than Italian. Now the question is: "How many languages?" The Italian set mentioned Liebig in Antwerp, while this set places Liebig in Paris.

Child and Teacher

Thieves and Ass

Rabbit and Frogs

Tortoise and Hare

Wolf Become Shepherd

Fox and Goat

Fox and Goat Verso

Fox and Goat Verso