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1903 La Fille des Rats

1903 La Fille des Rats. Conte japonais. Compagnie Liebig. Six numbered French cards. Sanguinetti #732. £15 at Murray Cards International, Cecil Court, London, July, '98.

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The Question

The Sun

The Cloud

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The Wind

The Wall

The Wedding

I could not resist this lovely set when the salesman at Murray showed it to me. The Liebig product shows up here separate from the scene in one of the lower corners. The backs of the cards show the same two patterns noted above in the MSA series of 1892 and add a third on #5: "La Peptone de viande de la Compagnie Liebig." See examples of each below. Each card describes its scene in a brief paragraph at the bottom of the card's back. The rats are dressed in sumptuous Japanese robes. The parents go to the sun, the cloud (with a great shock of white hair made of a cloud!), the wind, the wall (whose kimono is patterned in bricks!). In the last scene, we see a wedding that echoes the first card's family meeting.

Card #2 verso

Card #3 verso

Card #4 verso