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1924 MSA Liebig Italian

1924 Il Mugnaio, suo Figlio e l'Asino. Vero Estratto de Carne Liebig. Six numbered cards, each with a section of translation of La Fontaine's text on its verso. Sanguinetti #1158. £10 from Murray Cards International, Cecil Court, London, Sept., '06.

This set matches the French set that I had found earlier. By contrast with both copies of that set, the versos of all six of these cards are uniform in format. Like the French set, this version and its illustrations follow La Fontaine's story. As I mention there, the two best scenes here show the donkey enjoying being carried (Card 2) and all three stomping triumphantly out of the town (Card 6). Each scene puts a can or jar of Liebig's meat product in one of the lower corners.