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1932 German Aesop

1932 Fabeln des Äsop. Liebig Gesellschaft. Six numbered German cards. Sanguinetti #1262. $14 from Dieter Franke, Rossdorf, Germany, through Ebay, Oct., '01.

This German set replicates the French set I found first and have encountered more frequently. Beautifully colored scenes of OF, FS, "The Crow and the Peacocks," "The Deer in Water," "The Donkey at the Precipice," and "The Wolf and the Shepherd." The setting is deliberately classical throughout. I have this set in French and Dutch besides this German version. The back of each card has a different pitch for Liebig's products. Some of these are almost word for word the same as the French, but others take a different slant. It would be fascinating to study the psychology at work in these appeals to homemakers. I show here the first card and its verso. To view the other illustrations, see the French set. Cards #3, #5, and #6 in the set are signed apparently by "Zueff."

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