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1932 Liebig French

1932 Fables d'Esope. Compagnie Liebig. Six numbered French cards. Sanguinetti #1262. $7 from Alan Overton, Kraainem, Belgium, through Ebay, June, '00. Extra copies earlier for $28.50 at Murray Cards International, Cecil Court, London, July, '92, and from Alan Overton for $7 through Ebay, March, '00.

Beautifully colored scenes of OF, FS, "The Crow and the Peacocks," "The Deer in Water," "The Donkey at the Precipice," and "The Wolf and the Shepherd." The setting is deliberately classical throughout. For me, "The Deer in Water" takes a prize as a lovely traditional fable presentation with exquisite coloring. Several cards seem to have been so heavily inked that they easily stick to one another and then can become damaged. Thus all three French sets have lost color in the shepherd's cloak on the last card. For the illustration here I have substituted the corresponding last card from the German set. Besides the German, I have a set in Dutch. How is it that I have found three French sets but no English? The back of each card has a different pitch for Liebig's products. The same card has the same pitch in all three of these sets. #1 has an introduction to Aesop's fables as a genre. Cards #3, #5, and #6 in the set are signed apparently by "Zueff."

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The Crow and the Peacocks

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The Deer in Water

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The Donkey at the Precipice

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The Wolf and the Shepherd

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The Deer in Water (verso)