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Nestlé Contest Trade Cards

1925?  Twelve Nestlé trade cards, all advertising a contest worth a million francs in prizes.  Most involve some connection with La Fontaine’s fables.  Seven are signed “Beauville.”  The others have no signature.  4¾” x 7”.  Ten are blue duochrome.  £12 from 123colis123colis through Ebay, August, ’21.

Here is a third set of Nestlé trade cards.  I present first a verso.  There are eight different versions, three of them duplicated.  Those duplicates are, roughly, “Did you work hard this week?” and “He’s really hungry!” and “Do you know what a white night is?”  (A white night is a sleepless night, caused of course by a child hungry or struggling with digestion.  Solution?  Something by Nestlé!)  Each includes a stipulation of the prizes in Nestlé’s contest.  Apparently many Nestlé products suitable for children contained “stamp-vignettes” which children collected in an album “Wonders of the World.”  Prizes for filling an album included 200 “Harwood” gold watches and 350 “Griffon” bicycles. 

The cards’ illustrated sides include several sorts: two that most resemble another set of Nestlé trade cards in that they offer a colored picture and then the same design to be colored by a child.  Both of these landscape-formatted cards feature Nestlé products and both are similar to well known fables, namely OF and BC:

Three cards offer parodies of La Fontaine fables: “Le Kobold et le Loup” (WL?); “Le Chat Métamorphosé en Tigre” (CW); “La Chatte et les Piverts” (FG):

Five are straightforward La Fontaine fables:

Two offer no connection with fables: “La Fée aux Croquettes” and “Le Docteur Bob”: