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Palmin Coconut Lard

1890? Fabeln von LaFontaine. Five cards (of 6?) advertising "Palmin, Feinstes Cocosfett zum Kochen, Braten und Backen." 2¾" x 4 3/8". I have cards #1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. F. Schoen. Hamburg: H. Schlinck and Companie, sole producers of Palmin. F. Kunstdruck, Niedersedlitz bei Dresden. Gift of Heinrich von Fuchs, July, '00. FS (card #2 completing the series) for 9.19 from Heidi 31.7.70 through Ebay, Feb., '19.  Extra of "Bild 4: Das Hündchen und der Esel" for $9.48 from heidi31.7.70 on Ebay, August, 20.

A colored circle stands under a red title and over a shadowy white-and-gray scene from the same fable. The interplay between the two scenes makes these some of the loveliest fable trade cards I have seen. Perhaps the best of them shows the horse and the exhausted ass in the colored circle and then, in the larger picture, the horse carrying the hide and burdens of the ass. It is no surprise that the driver raises his whip now to the beleaguered horse! Where, I ask, is that second card in the set? The fables included here are:

Bild 1: WL

Bild 2: FS

Bild 3: "Das Pferd und der Esel"

Bild 4: "Das Hündchen und der Esel"

Bild 5: Der Hahn, die Katze u. die junge Maus

Bild 6: FC