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Palmin Coconut Lard Sechs Fabeln

1920? Sechs Fabeln.  Palmin-Post-Sammelbild.  144. Folge, Bild 1, 2, 5, 6. Four cards (of 6?) advertising "Palmin, das reine Cocos-Speisefett, nur echt mit dem Nameszug Dr. Schlink."

These four cards are in quite a different style from Palmin's other set.  DS, LM, CP, BC.  I am guessing that the cards show an art deco style.  The German text is all in Gothic letters favored in the twentieth century up to 1945.  The edges are rough cut and may have been part of a larger page.  The verso has a prose fable text with no indication of a fabulist or visual artist or card printer.