Poudre Cap

1890? Four cards displaying La Fontaine fables for Poudre Cap mineral water. Slightly more than 6¼ " x slightly less than 4½ ". $30 for the four from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01.

"L'Huitre et les Plaideurs, " Le Laboureur et ses Enfants, "; MM, and WL. These are large cards! The approach to each scene comes from traditional sources, like Dor é for the oyster scene on the beach and the river scene between wolf and lamb. Notice that the wolf's neck here is so elongated that he may look more like a horse! The scene of the old worker on his deathbed is strongly reminiscent of the classic painting of Socrates in his last hours. The milkmaid seems quite nattily dressed up to be carrying some milk to town! I am not sure that I have ever seen the two oyster-finders clad as monks before. Click on any of the four pictures to see it full-size.

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L'Huitre et les Plaideurs

Le Labourer et ses Enfants

La Laitière et le Pot au Lait

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Le Loup et l'Agneau

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