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A la Place Clichy

1890? 4 French full-color cards using children to depict various of La Fontaine's fables. 3" x 4 3/8". Each fable title is at a 45° angle in the lower left corner. "A la Place Clichy" is on the picture side and, along with the fable's text, the verso of each card. 80 Francs each from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt, August, '01. Extra "Les Voleurs et l'Ane" advertising "Aux Deux Passages" in Lyon for €5 from Simon Rodrigues through Ebay, June, '22.  GA for €15 from Albert van den Bosch, Jan., '23.

These are lovely cards. Each puts children into a landscape. Perhaps the finest is BF, which puts a rather rotund little fellow in military regalia in front of a mirror. By contrast, I am not sure if the world of children fits for portraying the stealing of a donkey! Though all four cards announce "A la Place Clichy" at the top of the picture side, BF and "Les Poissons et le Berger" speak then of an address on the Boulevard des Batignolles as well as three numbered addresses in the Rue d'Amsterdam. MM and "Les Voleurs et l'Ane" speak simply of the "Rue d'Amsterdam et Rue St. Pétersbourg" without giving any number addresses.

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Les Poissons et le Berger

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Les Voleurs et l'Ane