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A la Samaritaine

1890? 1 French full-color card using a young girl to depict La Fontaine's MM. 3" x 4 3/8". The fable title is at a 45° angle in the lower left corner. "A la Samaritaine" is on the picture side and, along with the fable's text on the verso of the card, there identified as "Magasin de la Samaritaine." 2 Euros at Clignancourt, June, '07.

This card's picture is exactly that on one of the cards from "A la Place Clichy." The text on the verso seems exactly the same, but it is put higher on the card, with two sets of information about "A la Samaritaine" at a 90 degree angle to it. Apparently the store sells novelties in Paris.