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Alcide Picard

1930 9 trade cards produced by Alcide Picard or Alcide Picard & fils, Paris. 2¾" x 4⅛". $54 from Bertrand Cocq, Oct., '20.  CJ for $6 from Bertrand at the same time.

Several of these designs appear on papers and cards listed under "Leopold Verger-Chicoree Haquet" and, among chocolate and chicoree cards, "Maison Salmon." And two listed there actually are identical cards with this set. Bertrand describes them as "Babotte," but I can see indications only of Picard.  It is true that our collection includes several cards from "Alph. Babotte," and the images are those of this group.  One of my favorite Paris used bookshops is Librairie Picard. I wonder if there might be some connection. The verso in each card is given only to the text of La Fontaine. There is no further advertising

Schoolmaster & Child

Cobbler & Financier

Cook & Swan




Laborer & Sons


Thieves & Ass