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Alcide Picard

1930 9 trade cards produced by Alcide Picard or Alcide Picard & fils, Paris. 2¾" x 4⅛". $54 from Bertrand Cocq, Oct., '20.  CJ for $6 from Bertrand at the same time.

Several of these designs appear on papers and cards listed under "Leopold Verger-Chicoree Haquet." And two listed there actually are identical cards with this set. Bertrand describes them as "Babotte," but I can see indications only of Picard. One of my favorite Paris used bookshops is Librairie Picard. I wonder if there might be some connection. The verso in each card is given only to the text of La Fontaine. There is no further advertising

Schoolmaster & Child

Cobbler & Financier

Cook & Swan




Laborer & Sons


Thieves & Ass