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Beukelaer Anders Trade Cards

1925? F.X. de Beukelaer Distillateur Anders.  Numbered series of 100 trade cards using the designs of Gallaher cigarette cards.  €30 from Albert Van den Bosch, Antwerp, Jan., '11.

This series is identical on its picture sides with Gallaher cigarette cards.  I give an example here of the new advertising title superimposed on the picture.  Two cards are missing: #2 and #67.  Each verso mentions "F.S. de Beukelaer, distillateur Anders."  I have trouble tracking down both Beukelaer and Anders.  For images of the cards in this series, see the Gallaher cards.  An anomaly is that the first card, pictured here, is not numbered on its verso as are all the others.