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Carre, Pepin

1890? 5 small full-color portrait-formatted cards (plus a cropped duplicate of FS) with block-print titles of La Fontaine's fables. 1½" x 2¼". Advertisers include: Carré, apparently a haberdasher and dealer in notions and successor to Briat with a shop on the Place Hoche aux Soeurs de Charité; A. Pepin, in Lagny, a seller of wines, edibles, coffees, and desserts; E. Carraud in Poitiers, a seller of tapioca, chocolate, and coffee; and Massonneau and Company in Paris. 160 Francs for the six from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt, August, '01.

These may be the smallest cards I have. This is the first time I have seen the frog lying on his back in OF. The wolf drags off the lamb by the hand, while the lamb's other hand carries along his water jug. I am surprised at the quality of definition these cards achieve in their very small format. "Le Singe et le Chat," which advertises Carraud, is shorter, and its lettering is thicker; it may actually belong to a different set. Besides notions, Carré sells bandages and ribbons.

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Le Singe et le Chat