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Ch. Duffit Blank Strip

1915?  7 of 8 "Fables of La Fontaine" trade cards. Printed by Ch. Duffit, Paris.  One extra of GA.  All eight cards from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France: the first for $6 in March of '01 and the further seven for $6 each in Sept., '20. 

I commented on the first card twenty years ago that it was in many ways the cheapest card in this collection. It is done on poor stock and uses a traditional approach to picturing this fable. There is an unusual uncolored strip across the top of the card. Bouchard specialized in Bala syrups and pills and in bandages. The picture portions of these cards seem identical to those in what I have called "Plain Fables of La Fontaine Cards."


Angler and Little Fish

Ass and Lapdog

Fox and Goat


Hare and Frogs

Wolf Become Shepherd

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