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Empire Wringer Company

1915? I have found two colored cards advertising the Empire Wringer Company. The first pictures a ram marrying two foxes in a small gathering of animals. The second pictures mother and father fox with their baby fox in a kind of bassinet. The first card comes from an unknown source and the second from William Phillips of Lewiston, ME, through eBay, Jan., '03.

Is there a fable behind these illustrations? Is it perhaps from Renard? If so, would people have recognized it without any kind of a title? Of course it is hard to know anyway what a fox marriage has to do with washer wringers! The Empire Wringer Company was in Auburn, NY. Their "Empire"model, pictured on the verso of both cards, was available from A. Page in Wentworth, NH for the first card and from M.B. Potttle of Kingfield, ME, for the second card.

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