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Estey Piano

1890? 6 colored cards 3¾" x 2½" on thinner than usual card stock. Five include the fable on the back compliments of Estey Piano Co. The sixth, a repeat of "The Fox and the Goat," includes the fable on the back and advertises Huntington Pianos. Most of these came at $2 each from Inland Empire at the Sacramento Paper Fair, Dec., '96.

DM, FC, "The Fox and the Goat," "The Fox and the Leopard" (two copies) and TH. FG is also stamped "Anderson & Thorson" while "The Fox and the Goat" is stamped "Hiram Cornish, Jr." of Newfield, NY. This series seems to coincide largely with my J. & P. Coats series; this set has slightly smaller cards. This series includes three cards that I do not yet have represented in that Coats set: DM, "The Fox and the Goat," and "The Fox and the Leopard." See also Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines, which has a CP in exactly the dimensions of these cards; that CP design also matches the Coats design. Notice that a "W & W" symbol for Wheeler and Wilson has been painted out of the upper right hand corner of the TH card..