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Fables de Florian

1880? 7 cards depicting fables of Florian, including a text of very small print in two columns at the top of the back of the card and a simple colored picture on the front. 4 3/8" x 3 1/8". Most recently, 6 full-sized cards for 60 Francs each from Annick Tilly at the Clignancourt flea market, August, '99. The other "Aux Deux Magots" card cost $4 from Clipper Cargo at the Sacramento Paper Show, Dec., '96. Six other cards, cropped, cost 140 francs at the Clignancourt flea market, Paris, May, '97.

The first six from Clignancourt are cropped. At present I have full versions of all seven cards except "Le Lion et le Léopard," for which my only examplar is cropped. How wonderful to have something from an institution like "Aux Deux Magots" right at St. Germain des Pres! The colors are strong and the animals well dressed. Most humans would need a magnifying glass to read these fable texts! They were kept deliberately small, one suspects, to make room for the advertiser's information. "La Guenon, le Singe et la Noix" may have the strongest illustration of the lot. The printer for both LP and ER is "Publicité Roussette, 65 Faub. St. Denis, Paris, while the printer for AQF and ADM is "Ass. d'Ouv. lith., Romanet et Cie, 27bis, r. Corbeau. While some cards have only the image on one side and the text of the fable with its title on the other, the other cards represent several advertisers.

Le Chat et la Lunette (AQF, ER)

La Fable et la Verité (AQF)

Le Boeuf, le Cheval et l'Ane (plain, ER)

La Guenon, le Singe et la Noix (AQF, ADM, LP)

Le Sanglier et le Rossignol (plain, ER)

Le Troupeau de Colas (AQF, ADM, ER)

Le Lion et le Léopard (ER)