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GA Au Gagne Petit and Remontey

1910? Two multi-colored trade cards featuring a young woman as the cicada in the cold and then knocking at the ant's door.  Four verses of La Fontaine's fable are on the image side of each card.  Earlier: "Au Gagne Petit."  The second card is from C. Remontey in Paris and was printed by Clamaron.  €5 in St. Ouen, June, '19.

The Remontey card is labeled "2" and the "Au Gagne Petit" card is labeled "A."  I presume that the former follows a summertime card and precedes the approach to the ant's door in the "Au Gagne Petit" card.  Though the formats differ slightly the coloring of the cicada's clothing seems to indicate that these two images are part of the same series.