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Gold Background (cf. Picard, Babotte, Salmon)

1890? 8 colored French cards, with golden background and block letters, picturing scenes from La Fontaine's fables.  2½" x 3¾".  No printer acknowledged.  14 for the set from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, June, '23.

The images belong to a series that appear in this collection in several places: Maison Salmon, Alcide Picard, Alph. Babotte, and Verger-Haquet. They have differences from each of those groups.  Verger-Haquet and Picard have colored background like sky or wallpaper where these cards have monochrome gold as part of the background of each card.  By contrast with Salmon and Babotte, there is no acknowledgement here of a printer or an advisor, and there is no text of the appropriate fable.  The verso of each card is blank.  All six cards in this set are in good condition, better than many similar cards in the other sets.  The best executed of these cards may be MM.


The Doctors

Laborer and His Children


Robbers and Ass

Wolf as Shepherd