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Kempenaar Oriental Dutch

1900?    Eight cards out of twelve presenting La Fontaine fables in an oriental style.  Like the Kempenaar French oriental cards, these cards are smaller versions of the Bon Marché Oriental series.  While those cards are 4" x 5½", these are 3¼" x 4 7/8".  The cards are numbered "4" (WC), "9" (FC), and "10" (CJ) in the lower right of the picture side.  "Elixir De Kempenaar" is on both sides of each card.  The verso of each also has "Reeks A (12 fables) " followed by a number between 1 and 12.  No. 1,"  "Druk J.E. Goossens, Brussels," and the text of its fable.  $40 from Albert van Den Bosch, August, '12.

Like the French oriental cards, these cards are as beautiful as their larger counterparts.  These cards add an oval in the lower left or right: apparently a man with a pitchfork and a seated woman are both drinking Elixir De Kempenaar.  The border of each card has its own intricate oriental pattern.  Was this set of cards available for imprinting by more firms than Bon Marché and Kempenaar?  And did Kempenaar do them in still other languages?  And how can I find the other four in this Dutch series?


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