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Kempenaar Oriental Dutch A

Kempenaar Oriental Dutch Series A

1900? 5 out of a series of 12 cards presenting fables of La Fontaine in an oriental style with Dutch text of the fable on the verso.  "Elixir De Kempenaar." Druk J.E. Goossens, Brussels.

Here are five beautiful cards presenting some of the best scenes from the oriental series of Bon Marché.  Like the Kempenaar French oriental cards, these cards are smaller versions in the style of the Bon Marché Oriental series.  While those cards are 4" x 5½", these are 3¼" x 4 7/8".   The five cards I have found are #5 (FM), #6 (TH), #7 (FS), #8 (Heron), and #9 (FC).





The Heron