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Kempenaar Oriental Dutch C

Kempenaar Oriental Dutch Series C

1900?    24 out of a series of 24 cards presenting fables of La Fontaine in an oriental style with Dutch text of the fable on the verso.  "Elixir De Kempenaar." Druk J.E. Goossens, Brussels. 

Like the Kempenaar French oriental cards, these cards are smaller versions in the style of the Bon Marché Oriental series.  While those cards are 4" x 5½", these are 3¼" x 4 7/8".  The cards are numbered "1" through "24" in "Reeks C" on the bottom of the verso.  "Elixir De Kempenaar" is on both sides of each card.  The picture side includes a small cameo of a couple enjoying the elixir.  The verso of each also "Druk J.E. Goossens, Brussels," and the text of its fable. Like the French oriental cards, these cards are as beautiful as their larger counterparts.  These cards add an oval in the lower left or right: apparently a man with a pitchfork and a seated woman are both drinking Elixir De Kempenaar.  The border of each card has its own intricate oriental pattern.  Somehow I have managed to pull together a complete set of 24!


Stag in the Vineyard

Oyster & Litigants

Horse & Stag


Angler & Small Fish

2 Bulls & Frogs

Old Man & Ass


Horse & Ass

Saying of Socrates

Camel & Flotsam

Fox & Bust

Hunter & Lion


Coach & Fly

Stag & Pool

Two Friends




Thieves & Ass

Two Mules

Death & Unhappy Man