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Leopold Verger-Chicoree Haquet

1895? Two cards and twelve additional slips -- plus several duplicates -- of thin paper (not cardboard) stock presenting La Fontaine's fables.  One card, cropped, shows "L'Avare qui a perdu son Trésor" and advertises Haquet Chicory (HC) of Lille. The other shows "Le Loup devenu Berger" and advertises, on its verso only, Ed. Le Roy (ELR) of Bayeux, manufacturer of carriages. This latter card was printed by Leopold Verger of Paris. Two additional cards in St. Ouen for €10, June, '19, printed by Alice Picard without advertising, just the fable text on the verso.  These two seem to have a different formatting for the fable title on the front of the card.  The eight papers for $40 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01. HC for 45 Francs and ELR for 50 Francs from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt, August, respectively, of '99 and '01.  Additional papers for €2 apiece at St. Ouen, August, '13.  "Blind Man and Dog" for €5 from Bertrand Cocq, Sept., '20.  GGE and "The Countryman and the Serpent" for €15 each from Albert von den Bosch, Jan., '23.  One extra card of ""The Countryman and the Serpent" advertising A la Belle Jardiniere chicoree at C. Berliot in Lille for €1 from pier-mont through Ebay, Sept., '23.

The cards have the strongest images in this set. They are also my clue to the identity of the papers, which are otherwise unmarked. HC is a curiosity. The card's picture is colorful but sketchy. The witty commentator wears a wide-brimmed hat as he speaks to the kneeling miser. Across the top of the picture is "Demandez la Chicorée extra 'LA SANS RIVALE' chez tous les épiciers." The back is covered with print and a picture of the chicory jar. ELR shows in its "Le Loup devenu Berger" how primitive the image work is here. Its clouds look like they bear a human fingerprint. One of the eight papers repeats this scene, in the same scale but--as is true of all eight--with a slightly larger image area and no border. All the papers except "Le Loup devenu Berger" have a blank verso. The papers are just over 2½ by just under 4". ELR is the same size overall, while HC, cropped, is slightly smaller. Two of them are torn: DLS and "Le Laboureur et ses Enfants." See the same cards presented differently under "Alcide Picard" and, among chocolate and chicoree cards, "Maison Salmon."  "Alph. Babotte" also belongs to this group of images.


Miser Card

Wolf as Shepherd Card

Miser Card Verso

Wolf as Shepherd Card Verso

Non-advertisiing cards:


Paper Slips:

L'Ane vetu de la Peau du Lion


Le Laboureur et ses Enfants

Le Cygne et le Cuisinier

Le Savetier et le Financier

La Mort et le Bucheron

Acorn and Pumpkin

Bear and Gardener



Old Man and Three Youths

Angler and Little Fish