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Pilules Laxative Lucas

1920?  Thirteen trade cards 2¾" x 4⅛".  Pilules Laxative Lucas.  Colored illustrations by (H.) Rougeron-Vignerot and (Ferdinand) Bac.  Paris: Imp. Des Arts et Manufactures.  Different advertisements for Pilules Lucas on each verso.  $71.50 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18. And one DW card with no advertising on the front but on the verso "Baillard-Pasquet" in Pithiviers.  "Toiles & Nouveautés.  Sacs & Baches.  Gros & Détail."  $1.29 from Patrick Ruelle, Monaco, through Ebay, June, '20.

For small illustrations apparently done cheaply, the effect is remarkably good here.  In DLS, is the young mule-master actually smiling over the mule's antics?  The terrified man who has seen a camel for the first time is well done!  The scolding schoolmaster is well done.  The signature of Rougeron-Vignerot is hard to decipher here.  I appreciated help on the web.  Both the position and the posture of the wolf looking down on the lamb just emerging from the water are well chosen.  This wolf also carries a dagger.  The advertisements on the verso carry lively headlines like "Mort Subite"; "Vive la Liberté"; and "Le Secret d'un Centenaire."  These cards duplicate a sete of "Bon Point" cards listed elsewhere.

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