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Rivoire & Jeandet

1950? This complete set of 84 cards was a special find on a January day when I was passing through Paris. I stopped at a postcard show. As I was leaving, I asked a vendor whom I had not met if she had any fables. She asked "Including complete sets?" I was thrilled to find this set of postcard-sized trade cards, which advertises at the bottom of each text page "Les Gaufrettes Rivoire & Jeandet - Tarare." $120, Jan., '05. An extra copy of #75, "Un Fou et Un Sage," for €5 at St. Ouen, June, '19.  Click on an image to see a larger version. As it happens, I have a blotter advertising this set of cards. The unusual presentation of #5, "The Fox and the Cock," made me check back; sure enough that image advertised this very set of cards.