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1890? 3 colored cards of La Fontaine's fable "Les Deux Pigeons." All three give the full verso to Rousset's instant soups Manioc-Rousset and Consommé Rousset. One extra of card #4, better printed by Abbadie in Paris and advertising instead Réaux in the Grande-Rue in Lisieux. $5 apiece from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01.

Each card quotes four to six lines of La Fontaine's fable at the bottom of the picture side and offers about four images above and alongside separated by swirling floral borders. There is a number before the verse, giving the card's place in a sequential set that must have numbered six to eight cards. Those here are numbered 1, 3, and 4. The first of these pictures the fable's beginning, when one pigeon decides to leave the other for a trip: a pair of pigeons is juxtaposed to a young man and woman. Card #3 pictures the moment at which an eagle attacks a vulture which is about to attack the pigeon; in the human translation, a horse-rider attacks a man about to attack the young traveler. Card #4 shows the very next phase, a cruel shot of a stone by a boy; here the young man holds his head, stunned by a blow from a sling-shooting youth. Rousset, in the Rue de la République in Lyon, also makes Café Moka for instant Café au Lait. Réaux seems to offer so many products that it is hard to specify what kind of store it is!

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