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Van Seleyn

1895? 2 full-color landscape-formatted cards illustrating the La Fontaine fables "Le Lièvre et les Grenouilles" and WL. 3" x 4 1/8". Both display large block-print fable titles on the picture side. The former advertises F. Dupont in Calais and is marked "Lith. Van Seleyn (?)" with an indecipherable Paris address. $10 for the pair from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01. TMCM for €5 from Simon Rodrigues, June, '22, along with an extra of "The Hare and the Frogs."

These are two very pretty cards in good condition. The colors in WL particularly create a 3-D effect. The WL card has no further markings other than the title, and its verso is blank. The card displaying "Le Lièvre et les Grenouilles" gives the full fable text in two columns on the upper half of the verso, and offers a full ad for F. Dupont's new offerings in all genres at the Place d'Armes in Calais.

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Le Lièvre et les Grenouilles

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