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V Morillon Perrette

1891? Perrette et le Pot au Lait. Grande Épicerie Parisienne V. Morillon. Three numbered cards, each with a section of La Fontaine's text under the illustration. Publishers: Paris: Imp. Romanet et Cie. 3 Euros at Clignancourt, June, '07.

These three cards, #2, #4, and #5 of a set of six, are almost identical with the cards in Liebig's 1889 series of the same name. These cards are thinner by about a quarter-inch. They thus measure about 2½" x 4⅛". The artist here carefully removes from each scene the object that advertises Liebig. Thus in the second scene, the candle by which the milkmaid examines an egg rests not on a giant can of Liebig but rather on a vase. In the fourth scene, the can of Liebig resting up on a shelf has disappeared. In the fifth scene, the directional sign that once pointed to "Cie Liebig" now is blank. The title of the series and a short section of La Fontaine's text are printed near the bottom of each illustration. The backs of the three cards are identical. They advertise "Chocolat Morillon," guaranteed to be pure. Apparently Morillon won the golden medal, the "Grand Diplôme d'Honneur" at the Grand Concours d'Alimentation in Paris in 1891 for, as the card says, the superiority of its products. Prices for chocolate and vanilla are given.