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W and K Pink

1880? 8 cards (from a set of 12?) fable-illustrated stock trade cards lithographed in pink and green by (Charles) Wemple and (Martin) Kronheim of NY. Each card is signed "Wemple & Kronheim" and advertises Jones & Davis, Druggists & Pharmacists, 44 Central Street, in Central Falls, RI. $30 from Paul at Rummage-O-Rama, West Allis, Feb., '98.

The cards come off as garish because of the color! See references nearby to other Wemple & Kronheim cards in this series, though not with these colors! Did the printer really want them to come out this way? I think it may be rare to find so many from one old advertising source. Each card has some remains of an old scrapbook on its otherwise blank back. The eight fables here are:

The Two Goats

The Eagle, the Lamb, and the Crow



The Hare and the Frogs

The Heron