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WFM Christmas Pack

1900? 12 fable-illustrated stock trade cards included in a packet listing all twelve. This packet, marked "A Merry Christmas," includes "W.F.M." (not WMF) and "Ent. Stat. Hall." It is titled "Aesop's Fables: Twelve Illustrations with Fables at Back." 2½" x 4". Each card has in subtle red ink along its edges both "S.R. de la Perle" and "Lith. Bognard Jne" where the last two letters are unclear. Might they stand for "Jeune"? £18.36 from Dawn Holmas, Rudyard, England, through eBay, March, '05.

Here is another full set of these picture cards of fables, apparently identical with the set I have marked WMF Trade Cards. As there, the multi-colored pictures here have a gray background. The picture-side of the card is without print. The text-side, landscape in orientation like all of the pictures, presents only a title and a text. The paper used here is thicker than that used there. This is thus the better set to work from. The confusion between "WMF" there and "WFM" here is puzzling.Also puzzling is the marking of a pack of fable cards as a Christmas present.

"Crow and Eagle"

"Dog with Dinner"




"The Hares and the Frogs"

"The Heron and the Snail"



"The Two Dogs"

"The Two Goats"