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Wright's Pills

1885? A Booklet of 7 colored fable illustrations advertising Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill Company of New York. $40 from Becky Peach, Waterbury,CT, through Ebay. Feb., '99.

Six of the seven pictures match those on cards used for J. & P. Coats Spool Cotton, McPhail Pianos, Emerson Pianos, and other advertisers. CP is not used. OF--of which I do not have a separate advertising card--is used. It is called, as in the reference to it on the Butler and Kelley GGE card there, "The Frogs and the Bull." We read of the frog that "he kept on swelling himself until he bursted." The morals of the fables are tied into Wright products in surprising fashion. Thus after "The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle" we read "Crow only with good reason, which is the case when you use Roman Eye Balsam for weak and inflamed eyes and eyelids." After FC we read "Had the crow used Wright's I.V. pills for her indigestion and Anodyne for her teeth, the fox would not have succeeded in his purpose." How so? What was wrong with her digestion? After "The Swan and the Cook" we read "The swan saved his life by his song; you may save yours by using Peery's Dead Shot Vermifugre, a 'dead shot' against those foes to health--worms." Other fables include GGE, LM, and TH. Very good condition. A real find!