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Large Carvings and Statues

1980? Ceramic figurine of the fox & the crow.  Handpainted.  6" tall x 4" wide x 3½" deep.  £12.44 from out-of-curiosity-uk on Ebay, July, '21.

FC is such a popular motif in flat art that I am glad to see it make its way into a three-dimensional object.  The only helpful marking on this statue itself is "FOREIGN" stamped into the bottom of the base.  The seller describes this object as "unusual, quirky, and rare."



1992 Mexican ceramic tortoise with a moving head. A scene of the hare running is painted on his back. 8" x 5½" x 4½" high.  Purchased on Olivera Street in LA. Gift of Margaret Carlson Lytton, Christmas, '93.

The head of the tortoise bobs laboriously whenever he is touched.  What a happy thought to paint the hare right onto the back of the tortoise!




There will be more information on this lovely figure of Krylov's "The Cat and the Cook" soon.  Briefly, the cook starts to prepare dinner but steps away from the kitchen for a moment.  He returns to find the cat feasting on the entree in the middle of the floor.  As the cat feasts on, the cook delivers a lecture on how bad a cat this is!





1990? Russian scene mostly of wood illustrating FS.  There is one more hole, and something -- perhaps a vase? -- may be missing. Givt of Evgony Ponomar, Nov., '18.


What lovely shapes!  FS is the unusual fable that has become a staple of Russian culture's stories, even their myths but certainly their legends.