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Marzipan, St. Petersburg, Set of 5, 2020?






2020?  Set of five fable matryoshka dolls.  St. Petersburg: Marzipan.  3,900 Rubles from Livemaster, Moscow.  August, '20.

Here is a lovely set of matryoshkas illustrating five of Krylov's fables.  Found by chance for about $50.  I presume that it is one of a kind because the "Livemaster" website now marks this item as "sold."  FC is well known to us, as is WL.  The third doll features the ass and the nightingale.  The ass tells the nightingale in the third that he could learn a few things from the rooster!  In the fourth, a clever pug gets his reputation as courageous by seeming to take on a fight with an elephant that he knows will never happen.  The elephant will not have anything to do with him!  The last is the monkey with spectacles on the top of his head instead of in front of his eyes.