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Full-Length Tapestries

1900?  Two long tapestries formed from panels presenting fables of La Fontaine.  About 10' x 18".  Backed substantially.  Gift of Gay Wirth of Wirthmore Antiques, New Orleans, August, '18. 

In the 1980's I visited, among other New Orleans antiques stories, Wirthmore Antiques, specializing in French country antiques.  I noticed two tapestries.  I asked the owner, Gay Wirth, if she knew that these were representations of the fables of La Fontaine, and I walked through the fables pictured there.  Were the tapestries, I asked, for sale?  "No," she answered.  "They are for now part of our décor.  But I will be happy to get in touch with you when we change the décor."  I was happy to look forward to that day!  In 2018, I happened to be visiting New Orleans again.  In the midst of an enjoyable visit, I wondered whatever had happened to Wirthmore Antiques.  It turned out that they still were in business, though they had moved from their original venue.  I called, and Ms. Wirth was delighted that I did.  "Oh, Father, we had lost your name.  We still have the tapestries.  Could you come tomorrow?"  I came and she laid out those two lovely tapestries that I had loved at first sight.  Ms. Wirth said she was impressed with the fable collection and wanted to contribute the two tapestries!  What a great gift!  On the train ride home, when I needed to move to visit the dining car, I remember carrying the tapestries, nicely bundled at the antiques store, on my shoulder.  I would not let them out of my sight!

Picky Heron

Little Fish and Angler



Lion and Ass Hunting


Horse and Wolf