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Kitchen and Dish Towels

1980? French kitchen towel.  TH.  18" x 27".  Cotton.  Where and when?

This is one of the less flattering portraits of La Fontaine, I would say.  The bright yellow is attractive, but there is not much spirit in this design. 


1990? French dish towel featuring five fables: MM; 2P; WL; FG; and OF.  $17.887 from froufrouretro through Etsy, Dec., 20. 

Our first dish towel!  I can find no markings about its date or origin.  As with many French materials, the colors are lovely.  The present image is temporary.

1990? French kitchen towel.  FC.  16" square.  Cotton.  5 from Michel Prigent, Lavernose-Lacasse, France, through Ebay, May, '22.

What a lovely and lively design!  This crow has no generic cheese.  It is Camembert!  Perfect condition.


1990? French kitchen towel.  "The Fox and the Goat."  16" square.  Cotton.  Where and when?

Here is another lively design!  Is this fox waving goodbye to the silly goat?  Perfect condition.