1910? Hand painted solid brass brooch of fox and grapes. $13.50 from "casajewelry" on Ebay, June, '00.

Soldered joint and catch pin assembly. "Stamped by tooling from the early 1900's," according to the Ebay seller's description. An "old gold" finish has apparently been applied to a 14kt gold plating.

1980? White metal FG casting ready to be made into a brooch. 85 exemplars. 1" from top to bottom. $10.49 from Joseph Cairo, Johnston, RI, through Ebay, August, '00.

I thought I was bidding on one item made up of 88 parts. Imagine my surprise when a heavy box came with eighty-eight such pieces. I gather that each is waiting for a hand to paint it and for a pin to be laid across the support mounted on the back. Click on the image to see a larger version.

1992 Engraved copper brooch of a dancing camel after Lisbeth Zwerger by Brigit Viksnins. 1" x 2". On verso: "Seeking popularity is the fastest way to lose friends."

Brigit told me after class one day that she did not understand one text we had read that day: "The Dancing Camel." The next class I brought along for her Zwerger's wonderful illustration of the gangly-looking camel so contented with himself as he dances. She not only "got" the fable; she went to work producing this lasting memory of it. I recognized Zwerger's illustration in Brigit's brooch immediately.

1995? Tortoise and hare storytime pin. Goldtone with two figures connected by a bar, 4 inches across. Hand enameled with genuine Austrian rhinestones for eyes. $3.99 from Deja Vu Jewelry, Coral Springs, FL, through Ebay, July, '00.

This piece is charming, colorful, and heavy. The tortoise has the lead. Click on the image to enlarge it.

1998? Terrapin and hare brooches. Terrapin is 2" x 1". Hare is 3" x 1". Fiberboard? Made by Klassic Kreatures, Falls Church, VA. Gift of Margaret and Michael Lytton, Dec., '00.

Delightful creatures with lively eyes. Yes, that is a Maryland "M" on the terrapin's shirt.  The brooches are made by Mr. and Mrs. Steve Klass in Falls Church, who were good enough to write to me when they noticed this web listing.  Steve is an alumnus of Maryland.

1999 Fox and grapes pin. Made in China. Topanga, CA: Zarah Company. $30 from Suzanne Katzen, Delray Beach, FL, through Ebay, Oct., '01.

A 1" double circle of gold wire supports leaves, grapes, and a fox. Beautiful colors!